Peter J. Evans


Cold Law


Carbon Fibre, Copper, Sandstone, Kevlar, Glass, Gold, Steel


60m high


Artist Statement


“Being shortlisted for such a project feels both exhilarating and daunting. The scale at which the work will operate is certainly unusual and demands careful thought. I’m imagining a piece which sits and moves within the landscape rather than being placed upon it. One that changes with both the passage of time and its conceptual framework. A work that encourages contemplation but also dialogue.”

Over the course of geological time seemingly solid objects become fluid forms – mountains into grains of sand – and what appeared as certainty becomes malleable. One thing becomes another as it intertwines with and is imbued by life around it.

My practice investigates these interactions on both a macro and micro scale, in moments and memories as I try to make sense of the ungraspable realities we live within. I work through process and often collaboration, acknowledging interdependence as a key component of both the human experience - and the very fabric of the universe itself.

Artist Concept

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The proposed work for Cold Law looks to embody and communicate this sense of an inevitable interconnectedness.

I envisage a structure that moves with the ever-changing conditions of the Northumberland landscape whilst also providing shelter from them. A flexible foil bends with the wind like the cotton-grass on the moorland. The tri-radial design of the refuge at its base echoes the Bronze-age cairns found elsewhere on the estate.

In this quiet and contemplative space, visitors are given the opportunity to consider their own position within deep time. And as the surrounding landscape and the structure itself alter through its year-long rotation, their attention is drawn towards an appreciation of the connections between themselves, the immediate environment, and all things.