Colin Rose


Cold Law


Natural terracotta (cast crushed brick on quarter to dust/concrete composite). Cap: Stainless steel/gold finish


60m high


Artist Statement


“I have made a number of large structures to date, all of which have had their challenges; but the architectural scale of the project at Cold Law has brought new and exciting possibilities for a work that will be a prominent feature in the landscape. In slicing through the structure, I was interested to both try to draw the landscape into the work, and for people to be able to interact with it.”

My work is a synthesis of ideas; informed by the elements, natural forms, and how we relate to the world in which we live. I use a wide range of materials in this exploration, and have made pieces ranging from small body sized works to large site-specific works that relate to urban and rural landscapes.

Artist Concept

Detailed Images

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Several factors influenced my approach to the design. The orientation of the work to the points of the compass, which could relate the work to the direction of the countries of the commonwealth. How the work would be seen within the wider landscape, and how the work would be experienced on approach.

I also felt that a large prominent feature should be lit by natural light, to belong to, but not dominate the landscape. I introduced slices through the tower to both see, and draw in the landscape. This created an inner chamber that could offer delight and shelter from the prevailing wind.