The Elizabeth Landmark

An ambitious new destination for Northumberland

Viscount Devonport has funded three artists to produce concept proposals for a landmark which could become a fantastic creative project in rural Northumberland that encourages visitors to explore and contemplate the landscape.

The project aims to benefit local communities through increased tourism and the landmark would be named in honour of Queen Elizabeth II who is not only the longest-lived and longest-reigning British monarch but the world’s longest-reigning queen, female head of state and current monarch.

The Elizabeth Landmark could be up to 60m high and, following a period of technical engineering development, will be situated atop Cold Law, a high hill on the Ray Estate, in between the five parishes of Corsenside, Otterburn, Great Bavington, Kirkwelpington, West Woodburn and Elsdon.

The hill is outside of the Northumberland National Park area but has a fascinating industrial history linked to engineering pioneers Lord Armstrong and Charles Parsons and ‘England’s Greatest Landscape Architect’ Capability Brown who was born nearby at Kirkharle. It will be visible on the horizon from the A68 and surrounding countryside, and with includes plans for a purpose-built carpark.

Terence Kearley, 3rd Viscount Devonport, is a philanthropist, an architect a landscape architect and champion of the rural economy. He is known in Northumberland for his regeneration of the Ray Estate on which he has built new access roads, rebuilt farms, created livestock shelters and replanted thousands of native trees.

“I have a great admiration for Queen Elizabeth II,” explains Viscount Devonport, “she is the longest-serving monarch, reigning for 66 years to date, she has navigated the Royal Family and The Commonwealth through enormous change, through times of great uncertainty.

"She personally moved The Commonwealth into a free, equal and voluntary group of member states united by language, history, culture. Unifying them under shared values of democracy, free speech, human rights. What she has achieved on the global stage, is a true inspiration.”

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Site location: Cold Law

Visitors will be able to walk around the landmark, learning more about The Commonwealth and our shared heritage through a series of commissioned poems and writing from the local community. This exhibition of artists' concepts and proposals is just part one of a three-part journey:

  • initial ideas, design and community exhibitions in spring 2018 detailed planning and development in 2018/19.
  • the announcement of the final design in spring 2019.
  • the cost of The Elizabeth Landmark will be established during the technical design phase over the coming year.
I hope we can work with writers and poets from across The Commonwealth when the final design for The Elizabeth Landmark is decided, they will contribute to the whole experience of the landmark which is a celebration of shared value and a connected global community.
— Viscount Devonport
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